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Achaleke commented on Creative Skills for Peace Project

Dear Kate, Thank you very much for reaching and sharing these interesting questions. I must say engaging in such a project is quite simple. But the most important is context analysis and consultation to know the actual situation. These are the few steps
- Identify the actual context of rehabilitation and reintegration. This is very important. What works in Cameron might not work exactly in Nigeria.
- Reflect on a Counter Violent Extremism perspective of Rehabilitation and Reintegration
- Teamwork is as well very important. You need to work with a team which has an understanding of the themes as well as someone from the community you plan to work with
- Security is very important, so, working in a safe facility is important as well working in close collaboration with the administrators of the facility
- A vision to influence policy is very important in such a project. This is because it will ensure sustainability and impact of the project.
- Collaboration with other stakeholders including government and other local actors (Partnership is important for sustainability and success of project )
- Usually, financing is a problem. That is why we did a pilot phase first to evaluate and then request for more support to amplify the project. So if in case you are not able to acquire funding from the start, still give the initiative a try. I have seen the impact of this peer approach and am convinced it is very important for CVE.
- Identify peer champions and success stories among young people to work with. In this case for example, if you have plans to train on poultry farming, it will be important to get a trainer who is a youth and a success story within this domain. It helps in changing perceptions and destroying myths about success.
- Introducing sports and other recreation activities into the initiative is very important to build team spirit and social cohesion among the beneficiaries as well as between the project team.
- Transforming, changing minds sets and building skills does not take a day or two. Consider designing project that takes at least a year including mentorship phase and monitoring
-Don't forget to employ peace building and Counter Violent Extremism concepts within this project (This is what most Rehabilitation and Reintegration projects have been missing).
- Finally, to implement this kind of project you need to be passionate about it and keep a loving heart. Sometimes the stories you hear will be so painful. Patrick L.K. Magero Peace Africa Giok P CHUA Rousseau16 Maloum 


Achaleke commented on Creative Skills for Peace Project

Dear Eldy,
Thank you very much for your encouraging words. Haven worked with most of these young people especially in regards to violent Extremism I think what they need is an alternative as well as building their self esteem , and personality . The rise of violent extremism is a major challenge to the world today. We need to work together toward promoting sustainable peace


Achaleke commented on Creative Skills for Peace Project

Dear Musa, Thank you very much for your comment. I think you are very right. Now, the beauty of our programming is, we adopt the interdisciplinary approach in peace building. We start the programme from an evidenced based approach (using consultation and interviews) to identify specific needs and context of violence and related issues. So we are not limiting only to employability. To counter violent extremism, radicalisation and build social cohesion, rehabilitate and reintegrate offenders, we rely on our method of delivery of the project. So we incorporate practice based conflict and peace building techniques as well as leadership and other skills (we consider building trust, self-esteem, and patriotism as the key ). For sustainability, we engage state institutions and other stakeholders throughout the process. A step further is the policy recommendations we would develop which will inspire government and other national and international stakeholders. You can watch a short interview and read this articel of a trainee after the pilot phase , ,