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Rudayna commented on The Right to Digital Literacy

Hello Gilberto Cardenas and thank you for your comments and question.

All of our offline content is tagged and searchable, in Arabic and English, so if a learner wants to access something specific - e.g. Grade 4, science, English, or Grade 8, audio book, in Arabic they can easily do so. Some programs such as "E-learning for Kids" have the learner journey readily mapped out. We also have a resource guide that maps the content and includes a description, tutorial videos and resource guides, and a sorting according to subject, grade level, language. Please note that we are in the process of creating a Training Toolkit which will be much more robust and will lay out learner journeys for for both teacher and student alike. Our target launch date for this is August.

Finally, with respect to accessing new content, our user interface is built such that any new content that we upload to our cloud server can be downloaded onto our laptops if the user has internet connection. This was an important feature that we built into our latest UI, Thaki version 3.2.

I hope this helps!
Best regards,


Rudayna commented on The Right to Digital Literacy

Hello Sarah Nathan! Thank you for your lovely comments and question.

While our Thaki platform brings a rich offering of learning content to the communities that we serve, we also place emphasis on integrating the software tools that are loaded on the laptops. These include the LibreOffice suite which is equivalent to and fully compatible with the Microsoft suite, as well as a multitude of other advanced software programs including Gimp (a graphic editing tool similar to Photoshop), Blender (a 3D creation suite), LibreCAD (a computer aided design program), FreeCAD (a parametric 3D modeler) - among others.

We believe that it is important for resilient personal and professional development to learn how to use these tools and be flexible enough to navigate between different platforms (e.g. between Microsoft, the Google suite and the LibreOffice suite). We are striving to teach children and teachers alike HOW to learn and not just WHAT to learn. To that end, we are in the process of deepening our learner journeys and training toolkit, taking our current resource guide ( to the next big level - with the beta site to be launched this summer.

During this COVID lockdown period, we have been meeting regularly with our recipient partners and brainstorming how to continue the learning process under severe restrictions where the children only have limited access to a shared phone with a limited WhatsApp data plan. Among other things we launched a WhatsApp campaign to share resources, tools and tricks with the community and a "10 days of Tech Tricks" social media campaign to bring helpful insights to our partners. This is an iterative and ongoing learning process for all of us.


Rudayna commented on Thaki: Unlock their potential

Thank you for your comment, Mia. Much appreciated!
I am familiar with Rumie and will contact them regarding this issue. Thank you for the suggestion!

Kind regards,