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Anil commented on "Keep Rolling" Campaign

Hi! I can see this idea having potential but I also see some scary flaws. An elderly person using this could easily lose control at anytime and given the position of them, let's say they're going down a hill, the user is pretty much going to fall or have a heavy impact against something solid. I also am questionable about the brakes on it as they're still breakable and going back to my first point the user could easily lose control and end up hurt. I actually think there should be some sort of stable mode where the wheels can be stuck in place without breaks. This could also be used some through a sensor or a manuel switch.

Hi! I like the idea but I just want to address some flaws that stand out to me such as balance, it seems that this can still cause people to fall due to the legs of the Elwalker appearing weak. This also seems to require a certain amount of control from the user but their control could diminish or just not be there due to illness or injuries.

This is really interesting but I'm worried about the cost and practicality of it. This seems more like something that can't be made to have a natural feeling in regards to body motion. Also it would be helpful if you could explain how it works as well as the cost range of it. As for aesthetically pleasing, I'm not sure if this is a good fit for everyone maybe if it could come in different variants it would be more relatable to people. I really like the idea and I do believe it can have success but I feel like these constituents should be addressed.