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Kerrie commented on Food for His Children Farm and Development Center

Thanks for the reply Kate.  I added the website link in a few places, thanks for the suggestion! 

Our budget for 2017 is about $85,000 for our current program, without the Farm and Development Center.  This program will be ongoing and in general, when starting in new project areas, we would expect the project to take 5-7 years to be independent of FFHC. 

The Farm and Development Center timescale really depends on funding.  We plan to build as we have funds, starting with a fence and then goat shelters and a guard shack.  See phases below.  If we were fully funded, the contractor estimated the building project could be complete in about a year.  It would take some additional time to get each business area started, so I would say a realistic timeline for at least the breeding farm, creamery, the internet café and the office and training space to be running would be 3 years if the building went as scheduled.  The quotes (from 2013) have the building project costing about $300,000 USD.   This would include the structures and the goats.  Staff salaries needed specifically for the farm management would probably initially be around $20,000 USD for 5 staff in addition to our existing staff. 

Of note, our initial graphics are the American version, we want the completed version to be Tanzanian inspired vs American.  We will work closely with Tanzanian partners to create new renderings. 

These phases may need to change order.
Phase 1:
• 40 goats to start at the farm
• Elephant grass and sunflower seeds planted (could be planted in March if there was an agreement for use of the land)
• Contours developed
• 1 goat shed made from local materials, 15 sheds made with lumber and tin roof.
• 1 small building for the guard, storage for feed, planting supplies and other supplies.
• A water pipe.
• Electricity for the guard and lights, this may be a generator at this phase.
• Milking area.
• Milk storage or system to pasteurize milk.
• Hedge/fence for perimeter, minimum around the goat sheds.
• Hire someone to watch the land, feed and milk the goats.
• Rental of agricultural equipment.
• Toilet/latrine for the guard/worker.

Phase 2:
• Electricity.
• Filter for drinkable water.
• Planting of additional crops for demonstration of agricultural skills.
• Water containment system on the building, as demonstration (may be possible to start this is phase one).
• Creamery/milk processing building for processing and teaching how to make other milk products.

Phase 3:
• Larger building for classes and kitchen area for preparing food for classes and office space for staff
• Coffee/chai tea shop
• Gift shop
• Tourist activities

Phase 4:
• Ice cream shop
• Additional storage for harvesting crop
• Internet café in the coffee/tea shop

Phase 5:
• Separate guest house with kitchen, western toilet and shower and 4 additional rooms for up to 16 visitors.


Kerrie commented on Food for His Children Farm and Development Center

Hi there!  I plan to get this finished and published today.  :)