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Hey Svetlana,

I'm exploring a sensor system that gathers information about gait and changes over time, as well as identifying precursors to falls, the primary focus was an insole, but a secondary was in socks and was pointed in your direction.

Lots of running shoes and boxing boots are very light these days. I wonder if there is an opportunity to work with one of these companies to incorporate some of their approaches into a sock or light weight shoe to advance your suggestion.

Something like might be able to be built on to include additional stabilization through the ankle/lower leg. Even paring this with an active ankle style brace to prototype



Dave commented on Mobility Assessment and Recommendation Programme

Hey Zandri

I like where you are going with this! I think this paired with video assessments (likely done with professionals of sorts), the sensor insoles I am bashing away at, and I am sure other things have great potential to minimize risk early on. You could have an interesting core idea, almost a platform, that could consume data from different systems to take a comprehensive view of the current risks and suggest mitigation approaches that are more 'accurate' as additional inputs are added. Perhaps the base being a questionnaire, and build in features of the phone, the next level could be a video of the person walking with analysis of gait etc that you mentioned earlier, then sensor insoles, and perhaps professional video assessments etc.



Dave commented on MotoSpanx

Hey Spenser,
I've seen something similar for motorcycle riders as well. Kind of like an inflatable live vest for water, but for impacts.