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Lina commented on Bridging health and prosperity

I think you should specify much more information, it is not clear enough, and you do not show a complete configuration of your idea or your project, I opened the link that you attached but I do not know where I can look at the information in the page, it improves the order of The idea and specify much more what you want to propose, a more complete scheme so that we can contribute and comment much more your idea!

How are you going to do it ??? That's what you need to clarify


Lina commented on Moringa Oleifera's Way out Poverty and Malnutrition

Hello! I think your idea is fantastic, it has very good answers to the problems of malnutrition that appear all over the world, for example in my country, Colombia, there are also serious problems of malnutrition and it would be ideal to reduce this problem.

I think you should point out more the area where the meetings are, on the other hand, because by linking the moringa export type markets, do you want to do for the United States? I think you should think about opening new markets, as mentioned in the American country there is already a moringa market and this would be an opportunity to sell, but because there is no better seller in other areas of the world, where there is already Sale of Moringa, or maybe not and this would be an excellent opportunity to diversify much more consumption of this product and many more benefits for the farming community


Lina commented on Safe Dreams

Hi Amy
I think his idea is very good, as far as the benefits that his project brings to the communities that live in rural areas very distant and in conditions of extreme poverty, since in my country, Colombia also there are problems of infantile deaths by diverse factors Such as malnutrition, health and government performance in remote communities, but from my point of view as a student of design and as a natural person, it lacks a little more in the form and design of the suitcase, I mean, the main concepts Of your design are very clear, but it lacks more in its form

I think that as it is directed to these communities, it is not necessary that the suitcase is as simple as possible, the way of such of your suitcase can be a plus to increase the use of this, its form must represent something new and exclusive for these communities , You mentioned that it is of low technology because it does not require other inputs for its operation, but it should be better posed in its structure, more organic, that is reflected that it should be used for a baby, its rectangular shape is very simple and does not indicate in What position can be the baby or other forms can be transported that is not only in the back, that facilitates the comfort of both the baby and his mother and that represents much more security, I mean as to movements or possible falls

How to propose another way of carrying the suitcase, that the baby is not in a vertical position, but horizontal, the location of their belts, which adapts to suit the suitcases of temperature, which reflects that is not a suitcase common to Simple sight