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Great idea Josh. When I read the first comment from eldy wullur I was concerned that somehow you had not check with the potential users of the product to see how it would benefit them, but as I moved to other comments I noticed you asking for opinions how they could use it, and that made pleased in knowing that you had them in mind as beneficiary of your work.

I love the idea. It is good to help kids feel involved in kids' day-to-day activities regardless of having any disability.
Whose kids are targeted by the program, though? Children of UMass Boston's students, children of UMass Boston employees, or is it open to the public?


Julin commented on Global Inclusion Challenge | Who are you excluding?

Good idea Kenneth. It is amazing that without others we would have a difficult challenge in knowing ourselves. They are the ones who define who we are, and yet, all of us put some of them aside. It is a trick that our mind plays on us and we all fall for it. Creating a challenge like this is a good reminder to bring it to our awareness to help us connect more with others.