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Adrien commented on Micro Credentials for Non-College-Bound Students

Hello Sam,

I really like your idea; legitimising professionals based on what they have accomplished instead of learnt seems like the perfect to create value for those who chose not to attend college. Your idea is simple yet particularly relevant and would serve a great purpose for society at large.
I think one the potential issues you might encounter is the time it is going take to create true legitimacy. I think that without any special strategy to underline the value of your degree, it make take years if not decades for your certification to have an real value in the workplace. In that light, is there anything you could do to expedite the process, such as getting support from the government or any association across America? Any of these institutions would not only help legitimise your certification but could also help in defining a rigorous standard.
Another potential issue you might face is the initial lack of incentive from professionals to obtain your certification. How do you plan on marketing it, and why would professionals bother if you have nothing to show for it? I think you need to think of incentives for professionals to get your certification. You could perhaps partner with firms and find a way for the employees to all get your certification.

All in all, I think you have a great idea with tremendous potential, I hope that my recommendations helped.
Good luck!

I am really impressed with your idea. I too believe it is crucial for students to garner the necessary tools to manage their money and to avoid the common pitfalls many people fall into. The integration of technology has gained serious traction over the past decade, and using similar tools specifically for a younger demographic seems particularly relevant. I have complete trust in your idea but my only queries surround the actual product. I feel like your success will be contingent on the quality of your curriculum. It will not only need to be thorough and insightful into the world of financial planning, but it will also need to be extremely engaging. Finance is not a traditional academic area for secondary education and students of younger ages are generally disinterested in the subject matter; therefore, I would specifically focus on the "games and tutorials" in order to make them as interactive and interesting as possible. Unless your service becomes mandatory in high schools, I believe it will be difficult for you to garner a solid customer base without 'fun' tasks. If you are able to achieve this, and make the platform relevant to the new generation, then I believe you will have created a truly great learning tool.