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Sarah commented on MAPP | My Action Plan with Purpose |

I agree with Anna's point below about specifying more detail about mentor demographics. Do mentors need to have used this product before becoming mentors for it? Any other qualifications that make them particularly helpful towards new users?

Hi Karlos,

I love this idea! As someone who has worked as a coach for clients going through an online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program to reduce their social anxiety and depression, I understand the power of having an unbiased partner supporting you through an explorative yet structured journey.

I'm wondering what your plan is for a student who is having trouble identifying their interests and passions, and similarly, someone who has many different ideas/passions, or wants to switch their course midway through their school career. Does this model provide the flexibility for students to iterate and expand upon their paths before graduation?

Additionally, I'd be curious to see how this model lines up with real-life (post-grad experiences). I'm curious if you're considering incorporating any certifications to accompany the students' degree titles (e.g. graduating as an English major with an Ikigai+ certification in Artistic Therapy and Psychology for Soldiers). This certification would obviously have to become well-known in and outside of academia to be considered by employers and other institutions, but I believe that this tangible takeaway of the Ikgai+ experience could enhance the program and create long-lasting career affects for those who participated.