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Kaitlyn commented on Anyone's Learning Experience (ALEX)

Hi Afrin,

I think this is a great idea. These people are investing their time and money in getting this education and are doing the same work as the enrolled students. It would be fair to give them some sort of certification to give them credit for their efforts.


Kaitlyn commented on Anyone's Learning Experience (ALEX)

Hi Sergio,

I think ALEX is a great idea. It is economically friendly for both the universities and professionals and utilizes resources and opportunities that would originally go to waste. In addition it would stimulate the economy and workforce. It provides a viable, convenient, affordable option that would benefit careers for people who would not be able to take these classes otherwise.

Despite these advantages, I imagine there will be worries among the staff and students already a part of the participating university systems. They may be concerned about outsiders compromising the quality of the classes possibly through class contributions or discussions. Students may also think it unfair that people who did not go through the same application process to earn the right to enroll in the school will be taking the same classes. Will ALEX consider limiting class options to large lectures where individual presence will not impact as class quality as much? Will it have background checks or possibly qualifying exams? In general, how will your program account for this?


Kaitlyn commented on Pnutek

Hi Rahul,

I love the idea of combining memorization with music. Many students listen to music while they study to block outside noise and distractions, to get them into their own isolated bubble, or to get work done more enjoyably. There are a lot of studies that argue that music is distracting and will cause the brain to function less efficiently by forcing it to multitask through listening and thinking at the same time. Your innovation seamlessly combines these two tasks and has the potential to combine all the benefits while eradicating the concerns.

There are also studies that show that listening to certain genres of music and songs with a certain beat per minute will maximize retention and focus. I suggest looking into this and possibly limiting music to the optimal music selections.