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Daniel commented on Rural small hydrokinetic energy

Kate, good questions.
Benefits: other sources of energy won't work very well in many locations. Not much sun in jungles and in rainy seasons. Wind can't get through the jungles. Fuel: dirty, bad for the planet, and very expensive. As mentioned, water power is usually steady and that is a big plus. Effect on job creation, etc.: You can't run a computer or a cell phone without electricity. Even impact investment microloans are dependent on electronic repayment systems in many cases. Basic healthcare requires many medicines to be refrigerated. This is an enabler of job growth. On a larger scale with larger rivers, this can enable small factories and farms to operate in a way they couldn't before. Funding: A few hundred thousand dollars should be plenty for us to set up demos, refine the manufacturing to decrease costs, and establish relations with distributors in these countries.


Daniel commented on Using hydrokinetic power instead of dams

Thanks to those who responded. Answers: Not dependent on internet.....I think there will always be a need for dams if water storage is important. But it could reduce the size of the reliance on dams, most of which is for the power. That means less ecological disruption and fewer potential disasters. It also means that one could make reservoirs nearby in better locations closer to the point of need instead of disturbing the flow of the river. The point is that we can widen our tool chest.....Yes, it would be good for rural areas. We are just starting to produce some small ones with 3D printing for that kind of use. Any ideas for customers?