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Hi William,

I think you and your team have an incredible idea that extends the ability to acquire and disseminate knowledge way beyond the traditional classroom and roles of a professor and student. I think it is an incredible opportunity for people to learn from people who have had unique experiences but are not in the field of teaching. One possible suggestion I had for your idea is that you could market it as a platform that can be used by major firms in their thought leadership efforts. I believe that this will have a twofold advantage - on one hand, it will provide a platform for thought leadership efforts for large companies like Google and McKinsey; on the other, it will attract bright students to the platform for opportunities to interact with industry thought leaders. This could have the desired organic growth effect on the platform that you were hoping for.

Hi Chris,

As a Senior in college that is about to graduate, I find your idea incredibly interesting. There are so many new interests that I have just began to explore and I wish I had more time to learn these things. I strongly believe in your idea considering the fact that the new economy is going to require life long learners that are able to quickly adapt and adopt new skillsets.

I do understand that the paid family leave program has a similar funding structure to the program you are suggesting; however, can you pleasure elaborate on how the funding structure would work? Also, how difficult is it to get this types of policy to be passed considering today's tight political budgets. Would love to hear back from you.


Hi Danyelle,

I am about to graduate from college and have only recently discovered the power of personal finance. I really wish that someone would have told me about the benefits of saving, investing and compounding early into my teenage years so that I would have developed the disciplined habits of saving and investing. One suggestion that I had for this platform is to develop a simulated investment portal where users could learn about the market and sound investment techniques. It could help users to understand the key concepts of portfolio management and how to look out for financial news. I believe that this will not only allow users to gain an invaluable skillset but also enable them to visualize the long benefits of the habits that they are fostering. It may be very helpful in keeping teenagers interested and engaged in their future.