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Tessa We had a similar idea with adaptations based on the country we are living in. Our version for the US was very similar -- a match making service, but for food. People can post left over food and someone can claim it. It also has another purpose -- often times ethnic food we eat at restaurants is either Americanized or not authentic. Home made ethnic food is an opportunity to experience a different culture as well! Feel free let us know if you'd like to collaborate. One question I have for you though is: how do you deal with liabilities? If someone ate the food obtained from person x through the app and it didn't sit well with their body/system leading to complications, how would you tackle that?

Another dimension is deploying in developing nations such as India where they have MASSIVE weddings and subsequent food wastage. An app that would connect people/under privileged people to these weddings/wedding left overs would be a very efficient way to stop food wastage , in a country where 22% of people live under the poverty line.

Looking forward to your thoughts!


Sharanya commented on Solving gender based violence -- one pregnancy at a time


This is a great question! Phase II of the project is to set up services that help these children gain better access to health care. It is also an app that connects people, but in this case, we have a radically new approach. We will set up a database of doctors and social workers whose job is find these children and provide them with care. We are looking into setting up a collaboration care model that was implement in the US for depression but will adapt it to the Indian society for children with birth defects and in need of social assistance.


Sharanya commented on Solving gender based violence -- one pregnancy at a time


Thanks for posting this question. I think our target is a little nuanced. We are looking specifically at women with pregnancy induced violence. Our approach is to be more collaborative with the family and aim to tackle it through family sessions and knowledge. We hope to partner with NGOs that hae experience in this space, on who we will rely to ensure we are not further endangering them. They will checked on periodically to ensure everything is going fine and make a decision if they need to be 'rescued' or counselled.