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Hi William,

I agree that post-secondary education is in definite need of a rankings overhaul. It frustrates me that college rankings are so dependent on the amount of research funding available and papers published by professors. While I do think both those metrics have some merit, I don't think most students are focused on how many times their professor has been published in an academic journal, but rather how well they can teach... I've had professors who were highly acclaimed in academia, but were terrible at guiding a class! As a result of the way rankings are currently conducted, I think many non-traditional (but highly competitive and excellent schools) are almost completely overlooked. A particular one that comes to mind in Canada, is a small and specialized school called Quest University.

Some metrics I think you should look at while evaluating schools:
- What percent of students have studied abroad?
- What percent of students participated in an internship while completing his/her studies?
- Amount of internships obtained through the school's career center.

I think Natasha Rajiv 's idea to get direct information from current and recently graduated students is a strong idea. There is no better person to help rank a college, than students who have been educated there.


Quincy commented on MyBoard: Meet Your Own Personal Board (Edited Feb 27th)

Hi Ekaterina,

I relate strongly to MyBoard as my mom has always told me to think about the people in my life who I would want on my own personal executive board.

I think this could be a great tool not just for schools in general, but for school clubs. Having been very involved in clubs throughout my college education, it was always hard to keep alumni engaged with current members, not because they weren't interested, but because of the logistical challenge it was to maintain relevant alumni contact info, gather career information from everyone, pair people off with appropriate mentors/connections etc. I can really see MyBoard helping to facilitate these interactions and I'm excited to see where you take it.


Quincy commented on Future School- July 17

Hi Max,

I love how this implements learning by doing with a focus on creativity. I feel that today's education system is too focused on lecturing students, and is not interactive enough. This often leads to boredom, and disconnect in the classroom as well as a stifling atmosphere. While this works for some, it doesn't for most because everyone learns so differently.

Can FutureSchool be implemented in a classroom by any teacher? Not necessarily to replace a traditional curriculum, but to complement it? I have an old high school teacher who has just gotten her Masters in "Creative Problem Solving and Facilitation" and is very interested in education reform. I think she would eat this up.