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Geronimo Carlo commented on Tip your future

Hey Chicago,

I really love this idea! I really believe that it is so so significant to keep savings front in mind if we want to change our financial behavior. I can see how this has the potential to shift the American culture of a credit mindset vs e.g. China's pro-savings mindset.

I have 2 things in mind, which have been inspired by other ideas presented on this Financial Empowerment challenge:
1. It is tremendously powerful to keep financial reminders front in mind by constantly reminding the user to "tip your future" through everyday transactions. I believe this is great and effective in fostering the conditions to change financial behavior/culture.
2. From another idea, someone brought up a great point that people are fundamentally lazy, just like how they don't want to think about savings. They would rather make a few decisions beforehand to make sure their money is going in the right places (e.g. a savings/investment account, charity, nonprofit) then have someone else take care of it (a bank, program, app, etc.). The more decisions they have to make (especially hard & personal ones), the less inclined they are to use the product.

These are just some thoughts I had and thought maybe some brainstorming could be done to strike a balance between the two. I definitely lean more towards #1 but #2 gave me some valuable insights on the intuitive nature of the product. If anything comes to mind, I will reply with my 2 cents. Great work!


Geronimo Carlo commented on Keep the Change for Microfinance

Hey Cecilia,

Thanks for the share! These products look amazing. Will add this to the contribution list!

Hi Heidi! I love this idea so much!

I am currently working on a similar design project as well at my university, where my team is using the power of storytelling to get the children in our target community to get more physically active. For our project we utilize engaging graphics and illustrations as well to captivate the children's attention.

An insight we gained from testing in the field is that creating some sort of system (not just a book, but activities, an audiobook/mp3, costume, pencil, tools, fake money etc.) was most effective in educating and influencing new behaviors for the children and their families. Essentially, designing an entire experience for the child using interactive tools, both digital and non-digital. Just some insights I gained from testing with children in the field I though I'd share!

I really love your idea!