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Nicole commented on Dogs!

Hi Margaret Hill fantastic idea! As a dog lover myself, I would certainly be open to and interested in this idea. I know some folks who are allergic to dogs, or who don't live in environments that allow dogs, or who can't afford to have a dog in their life. Thus, they wouldn't necessarily be able to implement this solution in their lives. These are certainly fringe cases, but just some food for thought. Any thoughts on other similar options for these types of people? Perhaps some sort of dog-sharing program for elderly folks might also be something to consider for people who can't necessarily have a dog of their own for whatever reason.


Nicole commented on Personal Account form Senior Using Life Alert Device

Great idea, Rebecca! I think this highlights some of the ways that design and design thinking could be useful for making these devices easier to use and more socially accepted. People should want to wear the devices, not just because they have to. Interesting to think about for the future phases.

Hi Aaron Huffman , thanks for your thoughts and insights! I agree that it could potentially be applied over top of existing flooring. I think the one thing to think about is the situation when adhesives come off (due to wear and tear, heat, etc.), so it's something to think about further in future phases.