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Angelis commented on MAPP | My Action Plan with Purpose |

I can appreciate that this is a model that caters to non-traditional college students as you mentioned- those taking care of a family, others who are recently incarcerated,etc. I guess my question has to do more with scaling since its not so clear. I see you are currently working with UC Berkeley. In the future is this a program that will be entirely navigated on an online platform like an app (with online mentorship) or is it more of a program that would be opened in individual universities with physical mentors and guidance?


Angelis commented on S2T2S O2O2O2O

This would be a great practice to establish in universities! As of now there exist rating websites like where students can see how teachers rank in terms of class difficulty, grading, etc. But few teachers access these platforms to see how they can improve their classes. This would be a great opportunity for professors to change and improve the quality of lectures, length and usefulness of homework, etc. Would love to see this implemented and the results of it.

Hi Terry,
This is a wonderful idea! It reminds me of this common phenomenon we are all used to seeing where a lot of people don't end up working in the field they study in college. I myself am highly interested in education reform but am majoring in Operations at a business school. Had I been asked at the beginning of my college career what problem I want to solve, I more than likely would have fallen into a different path of study.

I also think that by asking this question, you're not only challenging students (declaring a major, etc) but teachers and their methods of instruction as well. Classroom instruction might not be focused so much on lecturing but scenario and self directed learning instead.