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Sanjna commented on Pnutek

I have always found it amazing how easy it is to recall song lyrics in comparison to how difficult it can be to remember educational material. Linking the two, seems like a great idea and definitely something that appeals to me as a student. How would you acquire the copyrights to the songs and would this pose as a significant cost? Also would there be any way to make the notes more concise? Also how would this product be marketed to students, is there any benefit in partnering with another application that is already established in the academic world? This would give it a sense of credibility. For example, another common method to assist with memorization is flashcards. Maybe a partnership or advertising on Quizlet would be a good positioning technique and a good way to access the target market. 

This innovative idea is definitely a very unique proposition that alters the traditional and heavily engrained way that career paths are chosen by students. Using a problem in the world as a guide is an interesting way to develop a person’s passion at a young way and also emphasize making some type of positive impact rather than blindly chasing society’s vision of success. How effective do you believe this project will be in the long run? Do you think it will be treated as an experimental project by schools for temporary purposes? I feel that this concept will be hard to market due to the attitudes that parents and schools impose on children. In a way I feel that universities are more supportive of incorporating social impact into their curriculum than high schools. Is there any potential for partnering with business schools and also serving as a guiding tool for education about corporate social responsibility and how it should be a goal for all companies?


Sanjna commented on MAPP | My Action Plan with Purpose |

I think that the purpose of this model is very admirable and there is definitely need for a service like this. As you plan to expand to other college campuses, would the platform have to be altered to match with the specific college's resources? How would this customization according to school be developed and what additional costs/ resources would need to be dedicated to coordinate these efforts?