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Evita commented on My Goals: Financial Goal App

Hello Andrea! I like this app idea and how it is personalized. I feel that individual stories could add a personalized/community feel to the app. And what if it was called my "flow" instead of my "goals." Reading a book called "The Soul of Money" right now so hope some of the ideas below could help your app idea!

suggestion: What if you partnered with the author Lynne Twist in creating this app?

The 80/20 flow approach:

This suggestion combines some ideas from a book, with concepts from design and journalism to come up with personalized "flow" plans for individuals 50-65. It provides a different lens for an individual too see their money while energizing a credit union community.

The book called "The Soul of Money" approaches money from a lens of sufficiency vs. scarcity. What a credit union would need to do - or the program service they could provide - is help the flow of money match an individual's highest commitments. At 50, security could be the biggest deal and a program that answers the question, "Will I have enough for..." would be the likely service.

However, what if the program/app helped direct the flow of money to address that need, but then also offered the opportunity to think about watering and supporting the seeds of growth that resonate most in an individual's mind.

What if the credit union customized an individual's life story into a savings plan, having "modules" of services to support goals from the standpoint of "I have/will have enough."

The point would be to energize the flow of some money instead of just saving all of it for a rainy day.

I'm also reading a book called "Universal Principles of Design." One of the first pages is the book is the 80/20 rule. What if the program took 80% of savings to address the economic sides for an individual's story/fears - then took the other 20% of it towards acting on their highest commitments, hopes, dreams and what they envision for their life.

I think a 50-yr-old, after being able to understand their story more through a vision board from the app, could approach the allocation of funds from an 80/20 perspective. They would leave the app feeling like there was no cookie cutter approach to their savings - and it would be a very personalized experience.

The individual then invests in the credit union program/app, while the credit union invests in the individual's story.

Because a credit union is tied into the community, imagine the rich tapestry of stories that could add to the mold of its place in the community. It could be an opportunity to celebrate lives. We hear stories of successful businesses and entrepreneurs much of the time - what about these everyday stories - and those of the individual?

It's very local and I think people would be able to relate. A section of the app could include individual stories or vision boards as a samples so that people can view modules that they'd like to use from real-life examples. Amounts wouldn't be necessary to reveal, just percentages allocated according to each individual's aspirations and life commitments.

The patterns from these stories could also be used to refine modules as well.