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Tim commented on Legacy Conversation Pieces

Hello Mansi!

Thanks so much for your comment, it really means a lot to me to get enthusiastic response from others. I'm going to watch the ted-talk right away!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas!

Kind regards,



Tim commented on Legacy Conversation Pieces

Hello Shane!

We have not done that yet, good thought. Seems that now we have a bit of a design to talk about we can start asking around. Might I ask you to be the first person to answer such a question? What would you like to pass on? 



Tim commented on Legacy Conversation Pieces

Hey James!

First of all thanks for your amazing, and lenghty reply! 

I have not heard of memento mori, I will definitely read up on the subject, seems really relevant.

Ah yes, the egg shape, perhaps we should rephrase that. It is more of a universal accepted symbol I suppose. For instance we could have chosen a lotusflower, but that has a strong cultural feeling to it, where an egg is more open to interpretation for different cultures but is almost always a positive symbol. I feel it is also hard/near impossible to choose a form that has no other meaning or interpretation in any other culture whatsoever, but that's an assumption. The symbol encyclopedia is definitely something I will try and get my hands on! Haven't heard of it before and would be a valuable asset to my humble (design)book collection!

I love the idea of using styrofoam! I have a bachelors degree in urban design, so I know a bit of modelmaking using styrofoam. I did not connect those dots yet. How would you reccomend finishing off styrofoam? I feel the bare material might not be exceptionally nice to the touch or the eye.

For the wearables I'm aware that we need to make some steps on what and where, however the important thing is that it is not meant to have an interface or be very technological. I especialy love what Daan Roosegaarde did with the carbon rings for example.  But yes I definitely think that multiple options for multiple styles or preferences would be nice.

As for the key, I myself am a pretty practical man, so I would perhaps enclose personal information or letters meant for my loved ones but also passwords to my social media accounts so they can be removed. I'd be honest in saying that my personal social circles are more or less from the same cultural background, so I'm really curious how and what other people might use our idea.

Making a difference in versions, as I said with the jewelry, I think that would be awesome it's a thing to keep in mind when designing.

Again thanks so much for reaching out and taking time to reply! I'd be honored to keep in touch with you. You could connect with me throught LinkedIn if you want to,, or just keep a nice comment string going here!