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Hi Iffat! I have a new idea that is hopefully useful for your app. I think the app should add a function that provides knowledge for CHWs/CMWs. In my country, CHWs and CMWs are often trained but not as professionally as qualified doctors. And their knowledge is perhaps limited and sometimes, outdated. If your app provides health educational videos of several issues, it will better them. And they might assist doctors better when using your app.


An commented on Incentivizing blood donation

Hi all! Our discussion seems to be very interesting! I used to use Google Fit, S health (the health app of Samsung) and now, use Xiaomi app. The three above apps mainly record users' activities (distance, burnt calories and even sleeping, etc.) but users have to input their height, weight, the quantity of water/caffeine they drink, calories. The app of Xiaomi can sync data of other apps. Users' blood donation and more broadly, blood information are important to assess their health. So if their blood information can be synced with other apps, such as ones of Samsung and Apple, it will be much better! For example, when you are going to donate blood, the app, if being synced with S health, can alarm you to drink less caffeine, wine or eat less fat (I guess so. I'm not an expert on blood!) Besides this, honestly, Samsung and Apple are so popular. If you can cooperate with the giants (or at least, your blood donation app can be synced with their apps), I think you can attract more users! Above are my ideas and I'm eager to listen and learn more from you!


An commented on Breaking The Wall of Medical & Medication Errors

Hi Saif, thank you for your understanding! I've observed your very hard working. I do admire and respect your work. If I have any further ideas, I will share with you even after the contest! Because the final purpose of the app is to build a healthy community. And I'm very proud to help pioneers like you! Wish you all the best!