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I have gone through the proposal and comments and here is my two cents.

1. The curriculum is interesting since universities do not teach some of the things mentioned even in IT courses. Could you guys provide a detailed curriculum in terms of content, learning outcomes and such.

2. The IT space is very large if we could be more specific with the particular areas and also provide some statistical justification in terms of how many jobs can be availed in that category and average income people are getting.

3. In terms of the target group you may wish to focus on form four leavers who are yet to join campus but want an extra skillset and also people in universities who clearly see the gap in the curriculum or those recently out of campus and unemployed. This three will present the easiest initial adopters to get the uptake to a critical mass.

4. Aim for the face to face section of the course to be delivered in high population residential areas. having a fare(bus fare) component will greatly reduce the number of students who come. Rongai, Eastlands, Thika road can be good places to start. Quite a number of youth and campuses around.

5. You can add content generation to your curriculum, videos on youtube are helping people build name for themselves cheaper than any other platform but personal branding and public speaking may be required.

6. Provide info on other platforms that offer complementing services by providing links. I have noticed people do not know of websites offering tutorials online eg codeacademy, tutsplus, and the like. The digital space is wide and providing such info will help. Also local institutions that can offer advanced courses emobilis, moringa school etc especially in mobile programming.

7. The other aspect of such a platform is to provide linkages and networks for the participants, going online through several dev programs, the provision of a network was second most valued aspect of the training after learning. Pool people of similar skillsets/interests and see how they can link up in the digital space.

8. Ranking- online jobs due to lack of physical contact are dependent on trust, referrals and track record. The participants should be ranked according to how good they are to create competition and subsequently a good name for the program through excellent customer service from its alumni. This creates a forward validation aspect in that anyone who mentions is a trainee for the program gains through the track record of the others.

9. the students should also learn how tomonetize their talents and skills and their brand, this enables them to generate a better bargain than just the prevailing market rates.