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Eric Nshimiyimana commented on Coding Bootcamp meets Refugee Camp

In developing world where technology is developing, having computer literacy and skills are essential not only for the well-being of people, but also their countries. This bootcamp is an excellent idea or project that will help to unleash Easter African young generation's potential in terms of computer and coding skills. This will help them to contribute in the advancement of technology in their countries. In Rwanda where SafeMotos, the company I am working with as Marketing Manager, based, we still face the issue of having experienced and computer skilled employees.

I believe having this bootcamp will help to nurture the next generation of computer skilled people and the bootcamp will be the foundation to leveraging computer and coding skills across East Africa and the whole African continent. Therefore, technology companies in East Africa and Africa can be able to benefit from those skilled guys and work to transform Africa through the benefit that can be provided by the bootcamp. Yes for it!