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Hello Kate,
The Scholars Academy has an academic organization called the Graduate School and Internship Fair which is the opportunity for students who have been working in research have the ability to present their work in the form of a poster presentation. We have the opportunity to question their thesis statement. As for academic conferences, The DOED Minority Science and Engineering Improvement Program -Re-Energize Project holds meet up dates where many of my research peers share their progress with the rest of the researchers.
The Makerspaces will also need to provide safety training for the regular lab procedures of emergency and the proper use of gloves, lab coat, google, pants, and closed toed shoes. Not only safety training is required, the identification of the chemicals that are being used such as corrosive, poisons, toxic, or flammable chemicals. This could be done by providing information about MSDS of every chemical that is present in the Laboratory. Proper disposal of the chemicals. Proper handling of the chemical compounds as well, as it is very easy to contaminate pure compounds. I believe it would be very complicated to meet these requirements and obtain proper certification for these practices. I recommend that they experiment using pre-made procedures , it is not safe to for them to experiment as they please because the creation of a gaseous compound has respiratory consequences.
Best wishes,