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Pippa commented on “Nka Nna ka” Skills Camp for Girls & Young Mothers

Hi, I've been looking at your project - it looks brilliant, well done! I have a couple of questions: Are there any social and cultural barriers to girls' education and employment in the community - and is there is support in for this scheme or is community awareness raising is needed?
Could you be clearer about your business model and where your funding is coming from - I know you ask about support with fundraising but I'd be keen to know how you are currently set up and what your vision is?

Hi there, this is a great idea!
Solar power is a growing industry with great STEM training and employment potential for young girls and it will also benefit their schools and communities.
I know you are not for profit, but I'd be interested to know what your ideas are for building longer term sustainability and private sector involvement and / or an income generating business model to really be able to take this to scale or if there is a reason why this is not something you're considering?


Pippa commented on Eco-Jenga

Hi there, This is an exciting idea. I'd be keen to know how the show could not only tangibly make a difference to a select group of young people but also how it would engage and inspire a much wider range of young people through learning / employment activities such as roadshows, social media, learning resources etc.
Also, how much of this idea has been co-created or tested with the young people, housing sector, education institutions, tv producers, media partners and do you know if there is any interest from any of these groups?