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carlos commented on UPDATE 12/13/16: Branch on Wheels

The idea of providing the customer with instant economic assistance on the go is very interesting and sounds like a much better experience than the actual model but I think security wise it seems very dangerous as the ATM trucks have to carry both great quantities of money as professionals on board putting them in risk in case of an act o violence. Also by flooding the streets with trucks full of money there is much more probabilities of robberies happening.

It's a interesting concept but I don't really understand the point of sharing your personal financial health towards a community with only a status reward system. The contrast between your aspired lifestyle and your current status looks very effective though.


carlos commented on RetirementMadeEasy

This is an interesting idea. I like how it cycles forward. That feels optimistic to me.
I am wondering if ithis might be a Dream Debit Card issued by the Credit Union. My thinking on this is that not all folk in this demographic may be eligible for more credit. (Also credit ratings can be effected - not sure exactly how this works..) In addition with a debit card there is no risk of interest charges or late fees. (I guess overdraft fees might apply. Maybe it can be set up so that this is not permitted?)

How to monitor whether the card is used for dreams? Can there be a function where a receipt must be presented, maybe take a photo which can integrate via an app? I guess there might need to be guidlines as to what happens if the card is used inappropriately.

I can see the list including things that might be for family such as seeing a child graduate from college. In that case there might be several types of expenses involved that one might contribute to.. Would that be an option with this idea?