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I would like to share this BBC news story as it's inspirational. Organised by citizens, to empower women in an Muslim community.

I would like to share this BBC news story as it's inspirational. Organised by citizens, to empower women in an Muslim community.

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Hi Janne,

Very clever idea in terms of converting a packaging product into a serving product. I think has everyone below, what can make or break this idea is the material use so it's important you are very specific about the material (once you get your testing done) and how it biodegrades. Very often we hear about biodegradable materials that in fact we can't just throw in our compost bin, but have to be degraded at 50 degrees C and cannot be recycled. The usually end up in the ocean too:

It could be that the best solution is either that can degrade in garden compost bins or I guess a material recyclable polymer.

In your video the consumers are eating the salad in the room where is served/catered. Have a think of other scenarios such as food take away shops. This will help find opportunities and challenges to your design and develop it further.

All the best and look forward to seeing your design being iterated.


Helena commented on Flocap - Open and drink without removing the cap

Great engineering thinking Matt, but it's worth investigating the materials water bottles are made off. Usually the body is made of PET and the cap HDPE. So the issue of recycling the caps is not so much one of keeping the caps on the bottle at all times, but when consumers recycle the bottles and caps, how the caps get lost in the system. Maybe this will help you develop your idea.


Helena commented on Poppits® Toothpaste Pods

Love the idea. Some elements I would advise you to consider to make it a better, more successful product.
1- how are the pods delivered? Is that the best way? So, if the pods melt in the mouth, then I can see if melting in wet fingers. So when one goes to pick up the tooth brush, place the pod on it. You might have just washed you face before, you might have had a shower, the bathroom is steamed up... How can you ensure the pods in the box, don't get all sticky?
2 - user product - are the pods to be placed on the toothbrush or directly on the mouth? If on the toothbrush how to stop them from falling when you first place them there? Sticky toothpaste sometimes falls so I can imagine a not sticky part to slide very easily.

Quickest way to test is to get someone to take your product home and use it. Ask them to take photos of things they like and things that don't work so well.

After this, for your presentation would be great to see a storyboard showing the product being used.
Looking forward to seeing the product develop.