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Alexina commented on Study abroad with a purpose.

I completely agree with this and had a similar feeling while I was in New Zealand studying abroad. I know I could have set up a personal project for myself but if it was systemized I think it would have been easier for me to stick to it. 


Alexina commented on Career First, Classes After

The career exploration could be during the year and/ or summer as well. The idea is so that students who aren't sure what they want to do yet or who don't know what to major in will then be able to find out through the work experience. Since the education system is currently structured in the way of you go to school, major in something and then you get a job related to what you majored in, it's like expecting students to already know what they want to do or will do after graduation. So the program would allow students to get an idea first, and then have a path they feel comfortable, confident and excited to be in. 
I imagine this program best benefiting first gen students, because the focus will be on helping the student realize that while yes the computer science field is lucrative, if you have your heart in ethnic studies, these are the types of jobs you can have, the money you can make and what you can do with that degree. It would be able to show students the practicality of the work field, majors, and possibilities. Just because a student has a sociology degree doesn't mean they can only be a sociologists. Having that degree opens doors like being a teacher, going on to do communications, business, etc. The program would help students choose the path they want to take in the long run- lucrative and no passion or their passion and still lucrative. So for the firs gens who decide not to go to college because they don't know what the major in, or for those who are worried about choosing right away and making a decision they will later regret, the program would give them that space and opportunity to explore while also making money to fund themselves and their education. I hope that makes sense?


Alexina commented on Hacking a Credential

Hi Audey, I have some more personas for you!
Athena is a first- gen low-income students who has taken a lot of college credit through her AP classes in high school and community colleges during the summer to save some money and get ahead in college. She wants to study abroad when she goes to college but she also wants to quickly graduate as soon as she can to again save money and come home so to help with her family. She is interested in public relations and has experience with photography from her own personal camera and writes her own blog. 
+has experience in photography and blogging
+interested in Public Relations and studying abroad
+has some AP credits and college classes from her community college
+wants to graduate as soon as possible and doesn't have so much money

Aiden is a student who is about to graduate high school and has no idea about what he wants to major in, and doesn't feel comfortable going to school and having to decide in a year or two. He doesn't want to be rushed and is concerned what he decides on won't end being offered at the school he settles on. Then he would have to transfer and worry about pre-requisites. Aiden has been voluntering with community groups around Immigration and has been learning a lot about policies, who to contact, agencies that are there for undocumented families as support, etc. He knows he wants to continue this kind of work but doesn't know what he can or wants to do.
+has interest and experience working with immigrant and undocumented families
+unsure about what he wants to do yet
+has work experience for a few years like policy writing