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Samu commented on BUZZER : Time to ACT

Wow. Perfectly simple and tremendously useful idea. Congratulations!!
All the best


Samu commented on Making it easier for the consumer

Major problem indeed. I absolutely agree that with increasing well known and easily accessible recycling locations, raising awareness (via online ads, apps etc.) and with planned education on the topic we can make a change!
I've heard of the island.
It horrifies me too.


Samu commented on How To "Keep Fresh" Sign

Extremely good idea! Regarding the 3rd phase in particular that suggests a smart fridge opportunity that can seriously and easily be the not so distant future of refrigerators.
Especially if the fridge just a few days before the expiry day sends you a little notification reminding you to consume the product. Maybe it can find connection with some cooking applications or online sites so within the notification it can suggest 5-6 healthy and easy to make recipes that include the product in question:)
This way the user is encouraged to live it up in a friendly, helpful way.
Once again, really good job, congratulations!