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Irene commented on Youth Leadership Conferences

- We love that JUMP! Foundation works in other global regions, and translating your program into another region + cultural context. Well done! 
Thank you! :)

- It is a little unclear if you have specifically worked in East Africa before. What regions have you worked in? What experience do you have with these local communities? How have you collaborated together? Tell us about it!
Thank you for your comment! We did work in East Africa before—we have worked with a partner organization in Kenya—Paamoja— to co-organize a youth leadership conference centered around urban slums in Nairobi in June of 2016. Please refer to the YouTube video on this page and our end-of-program report in the attachment section.

- Your submissions shows a clear targeted beneficiary group. Great job! It would be great to see a deeper understanding of your user's needs. As an exercise, we encourage you to complete a User Experience Map. Understanding your user's journey is key to human-centered design! Think about what are other users connected to this program? Your beneficiaries families? School? Community leaders? See an example of a UEM here (
Thank you for your comment! We actually do have an existing UEM in the attachment section, but your suggestion for us to think about the other users pushed us to see our potential effect much beyond our direct beneficiaries (the youths).

In our UEM protagonist Verah’s case (please do refer to that UEM)—whose impact project as a result of attending our youth leadership conference was to create a teen pregnancy prevention/reduction program—one of the beneficiary group would be girls who attended Verah’s workshops/called the pregnancy hotline and avoided being pregnant while in school (not to mention being empowered). To extend beyond that, the girls’ families also benefit from them potentially finishing their high school education and obtaining better employment. Finally, to go beyond the families, the entire community would benefit economically and socially from having more girls achieving higher education attainment.

In conclusion, the other users connected to this program include but are not limited to the direct beneficiaries’ (conference participants) impact projects’ target population, their families, and potentially the entire community.

- Do you have questions or hypotheses you want to test to answer your assumptions about scaling your program? What are they? How will you ensure the sustainability of your program? Is there a stewardship component for the participants of your conferences? 
Thank you for your comment! Yes, we do have questions and hypotheses we want to test. We created a prototype worksheet and put it in the attachment section. Thank you so much for your valuable questions!

- Tell us more about the relationship with your partners. Are these existing working relationships in this region? How have you collaborated together and with your beneficiaries?
Thank you for your question! The relationship we built with our partners in the East African region began with our staff’s personal connections. Through co-organizing the conference and complementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses, we have built a relationship of mutual dependence. We know that our conference will be of low quality without our partners’ local knowledge and network, and our partners know that they can benefit from our program model, expertise in facilitation, and funding to make the conference successful. After each conference, we induct our participants into the JUMP! Changemaker alumni network, which will connect them with other conference alumni in other countries.


Irene commented on Youth Leadership Conferences

Hello Jason, thank you for the comment! We did attract many (thousands!) brilliant, underserved youths over the several years we have been implementing the model. There is, of course, tons of room for growth and we are always seeking to improve our model. We welcome any further feedback you can provide!


Irene commented on Youth Leadership Conferences

Thank you for reaching out, Pamoja Tunaweza! Love the idea, will reach out to Emily shortly!