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Manik commented on Food Flow - Reduce Food Waste, Gain Food Experiences

Hi Luis,

I appreciate your idea "Food Flow" to reduce food wastage by connecting surplus food with people and localities that lack the same.
While the idea sounds promising, I must of course mention that the dependency on regular, non-employed user participation and the expected lack of control over the food inventory and food safety requirements do provide reasons for concern. 
I like the idea you propose, of incentivizing the user participation through a rewards system, but the above-mentioned problems will have to be combated effectively so that your idea can work in the long-term scenario. I appreciate your contribution and look forward to contributing to this idea, once it reaches its implementation stage. Building effective partnerships between all concerned parties will be a key to success.

Thank you for your contribution Angel!
It is indeed rather shocking that food wastage is even prominent in places where it can be avoided with very simple, yet effective measures.
In this case of food wastage due to "ugly" and "not perfectly shaped" fruits and vegetables being rejected by retailers, it is important to encourage a diversification in sales. In a way it would mirror the market principles of segmentation, offering consumers options based on their preferences. 
There is no "one customer", hence I believe that the idea to separately sell "special" food, with added financial incentives, is one that just awaits implementation in order to be successful.