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Hi kate,
Thanks for your feedback and questions.

I will try to talk with this asocciation soon as possible.

I made a little interviews with this group ages mostly these people said it is a useful way to spend their money in things they like also for them are an easy service to understand because they know how a credit card works and there are familiarized with points in credit cards and airlines points and they said is pretty similar.
For me and based on the quickly interviews the most difficult part is the way they upload the bills to the platform because not all the people over 50 have a good technological skills, for that reason this app must be easy and simple, just take a photo for the bills and upload in their personal account like people upload photos in facebook.

For the prototyping the idea I think in two main phases:

1. Measuring how people are interest in acquire the Dreampoints credit card, for this I create a series of workshops and focus group and I present the idea with videos, flyers and brochures lastly I give to all the assistants a sheet to pre-order the credit card.

2. A workshop based on the $100 test, the people in the workshop needs to create a wish list and give it to me, later I give to the assistants a credit card with $100 they will spend in a list of different things once, later I reward to people spend the money in his dreams and give it the opportunity to spend this points, next a evaluated if the people spend this points in achieve their goals.

Hi Bettina,
I think is good implement something social with the family members, in this case maybe could work if the dream points credit card holder encourage family member to adquire a dream points credit card the can win some extra points also if the family use to achieve common goals they win points to. I figure out the dream points card can have differente kinds of credit/debit card with different ages, amounts and people involve, pretty similar than the credit card types like platinum, gold, black something similar than that.

Hi Bettina,

Thanks for your feedback. In this case I select credit card because is the most use payment method, in a lot of ecommerce and Hotels you must used a credit card, but I think you are right this idea could be usefull with debit card because more people can have it and it is more easy to handle obviously no fee charge for the payments because is your money not a borrow to the bank holder account.

In the way we can monitor the card used I think the best way is like you say integrate via an app where you take a photo for your receipt, the guidelines are neccesary in both sides first in the way you can use and exchange points and what happen if you used for another thing than achieve your goal, but most of all you dont gain points if dont use for things outside your wish list.

For the last question I think would neccesary put the dreams in the wish list into categories, for your example the child graduate could be a category in this categorie we have a list of items you select like a part of your dreams and these items will be the items give you a points.