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Very good idea food coating as made great improvements over the years and is a lot more common than people think.. But my question is how would the the coating effect the taste and the legit freshness of the product? How much would it cost for the coating of the products retailers and Farmers will not submit to coating there vegetables if its going to affect there profits rather than help even though their stretching the life/marketing span of the product? How would consumers feel about coating been put on there organic products? I understand it would be an edible coating but what kind of edible coating weather it's something like sugar coating or an organic Film Coating.


Kainpest commented on Fruits and vegetables outlet

This is an intriguing idea my Favorite one so far also. I can’t wait to see and follow the new ideas that gets added and the different phases your idea goes in. Organic Waste is the one of the highest components of landfills and landfills are the largest source to methane emissions. So I believe this is the first thing we should attack on dramatically reducing waste of food; by starting with the relationship between Farmers to wholesales, to wholesaler to retailers and etc.
I believe This idea should go one more step ahead or rather one step before; the relationship from itinerant retailer to the wholesale but rather start from the Farmers to the wholesale. How Much Food is Wasted along the production line before it gets to the wholesale? Organic food is being rejected by many retailers not because of the quality of the product but by the color, size and shape. Organic Food is also being wasted by cancellations between Farmers and wholesale. The cancellations may be due to lack of demands or overstock of the product but that leaves the product to sit longer causing the quality of that product to drop or get wasted. When A product sits on the shelf too long because of lack of demands or over stockage wholesalers, either throw it away or sell it to itinerant retailers. But how long can they can keep it til the product i s completely unsellable/usable.