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Olivia commented on BYOF Restaurants

This is an awesome idea! This would definitely help turn those last few groceries in the house or potential waste into a meal. I also like how this could be more affordable for families then going to a regular restaurant. However, I see an issue with food liability. How could the restaurant guarantee their customers that no one has donated spoiled or poisoned food? I don't think any company would want to take that risk unless there is a way to solve that issue. However, I think it would be a great idea to have a restaurant only display certain foods/ingredients on the menu and costumers have to make a meal out of those options only. This would down size the variety of food a restaurant would need to carry in stock and hopefully reduce  waste. The restaurant would keep the same options displayed until all the food was used up, even if it took multiple days. This would even benefit the restaurant itself, they never would have to throw away food they bought. In theory this would help reduce waste and save money for restaurants.