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Mariah Burton Nelson thank you for your detailed feedback. I worked on our first functionality prototype today and experienced some of the issues we had in mind and you mentioned in your comment (see Prototype Update in our contribution).

1) In its current state it just supports in the case of imbalance. It definitely won't help if a person slips, turns unconcious, trips or loses muscel contraction in the legs. During ideation we focussed more on user experience than on feasibility which is why we still have to explore that. The first prototype actually gave us some insights on what might work and what is a deadend.

2) I really like your approach here. I have been playing around with something similar - a cart were people can sit in and walk while they are carried (like the thing for toddlers). Lucas already mentioned why we didn't pursue this further, but you are right with your caution about generalization.

We will see where all this leads us, but it is always nice to get such valuable feedback.