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“ You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is the first thing that comes to mind when i read this article. It is a common thing to see older generations having tremendous trouble trying to figure out new technology. Yet to younger generations this knowledge comes second nature. I think that getting the baby boomer generation comfortable with using new technology would be greatly beneficial. Technology is taking over the world and it is a huge part in everyday life. There is no avoiding it and it gets smarter and smarter everyday. The problem with this is there will always be an older generation that just isn't up to date with the newest technology. Giving these people the opportunity to drive an automatic car is a huge opportunity for them to catch up on some lost time.
I personally believe that once you are a senior citizen your driving abilities should be tested frequently. Studies show In 2012, more than 5,560 older adults were killed and more than 214,000 were injured in motor - U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. These statistics are very high. However there may be a way to lower these numbers.
If these baby bloomers learn and get comfortable with technology it could help save lives. These cars are theoretically safer and more reliable then they are. I have two major concerns with having these people adopt these cars.
The fist is getting them to fully commit to this idea. I have trouble believing that all these senior citizens are ready for a fully autonomous vehicle. Having full trust in technology is something that i can not picture bloomers being okay with. They have the mentality to always do things the old fashion way.
The second problem I have is the car itself. To this date I was not aware of a car that is fully capable of driving itself. Especially a car in production that can do this. I think that is idea is to far fetched for today's current technology. Who knows where the future can take us.


bobby commented on Eat the old one first

I would like to start out complimenting this idea for its simplicity. I am surprised that this idea has not been publicized befor. I can relate to this problem because it has been an issue in my own home. Time after time I will see old food drown in the back of drawers just to be forgot about. The owner of this food will forget that they have it hidden there. So next time they go to the grocery store that same food will be bought and thrown on top of the older one. This product will save that from happening as well as providing convenience to the user. Altho this idea is great i do have a few questions and concerns.
A concern I have is the convenience of the object itself. In theory this item sounds great. However having a big plastic box taking up space in the fridge could get in the way. As it is people are always struggling for space to put things in the fridge. Adding a big plastic box to the mix of that could turn into a nuisance. People love organization, but when you have to decide between organization and space I believe most people will chose space in the fridge. Personally I would prefer to make different use of my fridge space then the Eat the Old One First. This would not be the case if you could find more compact smaller version of this. Perhaps work together with fridge companies to use this patent and incorporate the idea directly into the fridge. I would love for this idea to be incorporated into the everyday fridge.
I also have questions having to do with the idea. First is the sizes and types of boxes. The sizes are very important to me because this will make it accessible to all people will different types of fridges. If you offer different sizes this will expand your market and allow for greater profits. The types of boxes also has a huge part to do with this. Will there be different types of boxes for different categories of food? For Instance you said how cereal and bread are being wasted. How will these boxes be different? On top of that will these containers be air sealed so that to food stays fresher longer? The whole point of this idea is to save the food from going bad. However in your post it said nothing about the containers be airtight in anyway.
I hope that some of my criticism helps work out the kinks in this idea. I look forward to hearing responses to what I have to say. This idea has great potential and I will be looking for it on the market.

The toast ale company is a great modern idea. This puts a spin on the idea of reusing food. When you think of reusing food you never think about making a beer out of it. Making a beer out of this has many benefits other than the foreseeable ones. Aiming the target audience to the older generations will have adverse effects on the generations to come. Getting the people hooked on this beer is key to its success. Getting people to relies that this beer is saving food will help selling it to consumers. In times of need and times of prosperity people will always spend money on alcohol. The foundation of this idea is very strong. There will always be market to sell. The key to this idea is getting this brand well known. Once this idea gets publicized the consumers will come. One idea I have for this is to talk to big corporations. Partnering up with big corporations will be very beneficial to this idea. Larger business provide money, funding, research, testing, and approval. This can fix and help the idea expand and become better. Further research into this idea of turning bread into 1/3 of beer could lead to bigger and better things. Eventually it is possible that all beer will be made this way. That would save vast amounts of recourses. The Major problem I see with this is taste and preference. Every person has their favorite beer and they have it just the way they like it. Trying to force this new idea of reusable food for beer could push people away. This would be simply because of tradition and change. Me personally I hate change, once I find something I like I stick with it and never go back. People are also very specific in the way they like there drink to taste, and if that same iconic taste can’t be archived with toast ale there will be a problem. Over all a small controlled taste test should be implemented. If the Toast Ale holds its own in the taste test, then I would love to see it on the shelves of my local stores.