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Hi Imran, 

Firstly thank you for your questions! 

To answer the first, my team and I are all college students so we really tried to think in the perspective of students. In an ideal world, the members of this organization would help purely out of intrinsic motivations. However, realistically we know that is not always the case. As students, we have to log in hours for volunteering services completed. This is where students try to find organizations that they can be a part of and put forth their personal time. We hope that this would provide incentive for people to join. Also there is a win win situation in place here;  not only are you educating the elder, but you are educating yourself in topics you may not have dabbled in before. Like any philanthropic organization, you have to rely on the willingness of others to contribute.

As for the second question, this organization is meant to educate elderly and those who are entering that age on financial topics that they are not familiar with. The indirect purpose is to utilize that knowledge to better handle their finances in order to accomplish dreams.  Every partnership (buddy and elder) will be subjective based on the situation at hand. If the elder wants to focus on strictly gaining knowledge for themselves or to base their sessions on a more personal level, they they can do so. 

Hi Wingee, 

I agree! That is why I think this idea has great potential, since it doesnt solely focus on one aspect of society. Rather it creates bridges between people from varying generations, backgrounds and educations. Thank you for your comment!


Anum commented on Technical Skills Made Simple

Hi Kate!

Sorry for the late response! My team decided to create a prototype and stage an experience that we could test with elders in our community. Our prototype is simple compilation of screenshots from our "website". This is to show what the interface would look like and what features could be implemented if this idea was to take off. Additionally, the staged experience was between an elder and a high school student/ college student. We gave the student a financial problem/ topic to explain to the elder and recorded their response/experience. To get started we really just want to gather the right data so that we can refine our idea and prototype further. 

On a side note, I definitely believe that what we are proposing is similar to Udemy and Granny Cloud. I have used Udemy before and its sites like it, from where we got our idea from.