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Karen commented on The Pig Idea USA

Hi Lisa,

Thank you so much for getting in touch and bringing our attention to CEFS. Given that surplus food feeding is permitted in NC and with the work the Alternative Swine Unit at CEFS is already doing, I think it would be very interesting to explore options for collaboration. How amazing that the herd has been anti-biotics free for 30 years.

Our idea definitely wants to contribute to the goal of AFS: “demonstrate methods for production that optimize productivity and animal welfare while minimizing environmental impacts”. I had a brief exploration of the website but couldn’t seem to spot whether any work has been done around the environmental impact (Life Cycle Assessment perhaps) of the complementary feed that the outdoor swine get. I think that is where food scrap feeding comes in and one possibility is to explore labeling around the carbon "hoofprint" of pork for those concerned about the overall environmental impact of meat consumption (alongside animal welfare). This could link into the work around niche meat production and labeling (  Looking forward to hear more of your ideas around this.

All the best,



Karen commented on Close the Loop

Hi Thomas, 
Just checked the Harvard guide and glad to see that the feeding of all wholesome and treated surplus food is allowed in North Carolina, so there is good potential. As fun and celebratory awareness raising is a central component of our idea, we're interested in exploring city locations to keep a small number of pigs and hold an "eco-pork" feast. Let us know if you have any thoughts. 


Karen commented on Close the Loop

Hi Thomas, Karen from the Pig Idea (founded by Tristram) here. It would be great to explore potential collaboration. Where are you based, and where do you think you might like to set up the waste to pig feed initiative? Also wanted to point you to the Harvard guide (see resource link on the Pig Idea post), which aside from the legal guidance has some great examples of where similar initiatives are already happening. I think what we need now is to get the public, policy makers and farmers behind it, so that feeding surplus food to pigs becomes a widespread practice.