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Hello Angel

My comments might seem negative here but please bear with me.

Fresh produce is a sector which is under extreme pressure due to low margins. Most fresh produce companies supply to retailers and have margins in the SINGLE figure % range i.e. they make less than 10% of the products sold to retail stores.

While the idea you have is commendable - please think about the economic impacts of trying to get this through the retail sector. If there are serious efforts to introduce this my views (which are only humble!!!) is that it is not a commercially viable route to market for producers or retailers. Given that there will be an expected discount and that the costs to get the product (ugly or perfect) will be almost identical - there is actually no incentive for the producers to increase supply of sub-specification products for 2 reasons:
1- It will decrease the overall return to growers which is not a viable option long term - they have too much pressure to produce at low cost already.
2- It will increase the operating costs of retailers (i.e. having more products lines to manage and could result in more store waste)

The trick to attack this is to get the retailers to lower their overall specifications - which in todays climate is highly unlikely but this is where effort needs to be focussed.

That being said - your idea MIGHT have merit if used in a direct Producer to consumer system - e.g. website sales, farm store sales etc. But please also bear in mind that sometimes the defects which make fruit "ugly" and decrease the shelf life too so waste and spoilage could become an issue if the supply chain is too long.

Making fresh produce cheaper and therefore affordable to waste product wont minimise the waste. 40-50% of waste produced in the fresh sector is POST RETAIL. food is already cheap enough for people to afford to waste up to half of what they buy.

If you would like to have a chat around this then send me a message- I would be happy to chat further on this with you.

Sorry if I sound negative - I am not trying to be. I just believe that farmers need more help making sustainable businesses than trying to find ways to make food cheaper.
I hope that you have a great day.