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maja commented on Matchpoint

this is great.. doable and could make many small changes that lead to a big change which i think is the most realistic and in so effective way of change.

what makes much sense to me is keeping the project meaningful on a personal level then communal, then local, and then regional... it should have more response than taking the top-down approach.

the ideas that pop to my head:

- marketing the app through a beautiful little viral video (your itp thesis documentary comes to mind, your manner of interviewing.. unforgettable personal testimonies)...

- if there is an opportunity, this could physically promoted (as your suitcase installation physically illustrated the theme of your project...) and this could be in the form of a pop up store, pop up drive

- having an assigned leader for different communities/locations who will be stirring the conversation about the topic and generate discussions and actions...

- the could help to raise funds but also to spread the idea

- i have a friend who just finished his doctorate at university in washington in Human Computer Interaction, Ubiquitous Computing, and Medical Informatics. "in particular, he is interested in ways in which mobile technology can be used to help people manage their health by supporting them in making health-promoting lifestyle changes and providing them with ways to easily capture and retrieve information in their health records. he is also interested in the privacy aspects of mobile and other ubiquitous technologies."... i can connect you with him if you want!

that's what comes to mind at this moment, i'll let you know if i think of something else that's possibly relevant...

best of luck!!!