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Rahat commented on gamifying gratitude with xocial (soh-shul)

Hi Colin,

I think Xocial is a phenomenal idea, and one that has the ability to translate well into the workplace. I go back to the example in the video above about how many teachers are using this tool in their current classroom setting and allowing students to gain xocial points through their own personal utilization of this tool. I think this idea can translate well into the workplace as well, and help to foster a large community of users within a single workplace. Also, almost all large corporate organizations promote many internal and external events and fundraisers that help tie back to, and reinforce, their company ideals. However, there isn't currently one ubiquitous platform in place to help promote these events and fundraisers as most workers will discover these events through email or bulletin boards. I feel that Xocial also has the potential to serve as the to-go platform for workplaces to use in getting their message across and garnering participants for the many social events that get promoted.

I feel like this idea has a true potential to make a difference in this world, and it was refreshing to see a current existing idea posted on OpenIDEO as a potential solution to advancing gratitude in the workplace.


Rahat commented on Gratbook

Hi Heather,

I think your perspective on introducing the idea of a social media platform that is used to enhance gratitude in the workplace is a fresh twist from the current ideals in the workplace. One thing that really stands out with this idea is the fact that virtually all gratitude deriving from this social media platform would be authentic and genuine, since anyone utilizing this platform in a workplace is providing intentional gratitude that has not been mandated in any sort of way.

One potential roadblock that could come about would be in the initial stages of the rollout in regards to garnering users and interactions for the social media platform within the workplace. Social media can really only thrive in one of two ways, a large amount of users or a large amount of interactions amongst the current users, which is why it is imperative to try to incorporate as many employees within the workplace as possible. From my past internship workplace where a similar social media-like site existed, I found that many of the interactions stemmed from leaders within the organization, which would then trickle down throughout the rest of the workplace. The same idea can be targeted here, with the emphasis originally placed on the leaders of the organization utilizing this platform and hopefully this eventually translates to a influence in use by their respective team members.