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Ryan commented on Turning Paychecks into Thank You Cards

The key to successfully implement this software is, above all, not forcing anyone to send a thank you or a gift if they do not want to, or if they do not feel it is genuine. An employee could use this software and never send or receive a thank you card. I do think that that particular possibility would become very unlikely, because the software makes it easy to show gratitude.

Hi Presiyan Teodosiev

I agree with your idea that gratitude should be a genuine part of company culture. According to your own experiences, it seems that the key to this is communication with employees in order to know about their personal lives. Do you have any ideas for how this communication can be fostered in substantially large companies, where employees vastly outnumber management? What steps do you think a company should take in order to budget for presents such as the scooter you mentioned in the article? Do such presents create resentment in employees who do not receive them? I'm interested to hear your thoughts.


Ryan commented on The 5 Love Languages

I agree with Alex Wang, the five love languages provide a frame of reference that management can use to help show gratitude for employees. There are some flaws though. Gifts might be interpreted to mean "prizes," which would create extrinsic motivation rather than intrinsic motivation. Physical touch might be inappropriate and could create more problems than it solves. However, the other three languages seem to fit well for the workplace.