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Phil commented on Hand pumps with built-in filters

Love this idea, especially the revenue model!  Even though this idea is so much simpler and more practical than many here, I think it's worthwhile to think through the maintenance.  Who is the best person in the village to change out filters on schedule, ensure it is working well, etc?   How do we compensate them?  How can we make sure advertisers will go for this?  It seems businesses can be loathe to target poor people as customers until someone else shows them it's profitable.  I am thinking about Magic Jackson early challenges in particular, getting investors for inner city cinemas.  Are you thinking the likes of Coca-Cola and Cell Phone companies? Can local businesses afford this spot?


Phil commented on Allow Individuals to Function as Mini Banks

Thanks all for your interest!

This idea was born because group members felt that there had to be a more community-based approach to short-term lending than payday loans. If community members knew each other well, some might be willing to lend to trusted friends at a lower rate. For longer-term loans, we proposed the idea of a credit score based on how many friends are willing to vouch for you, and for how much money.... drawing on community trust to establish collateral and creditworthiness.

We imagine these "distributed bankers" might ideally be people with some standing and visibility in a given neighborhood, eg owners of successful stores, etc. They might be motivated to do this to draw people into their stores, like how some mom-and-pop stores in SF handle FedEx/UPS, notary services, etc.

We are interested in your brainstorming about how to "qualify" these bankers, train them, build trust for them, and limit any potential for fraud.

Great idea! I've found humor and symbolism to be the best way to get people to read signs. This would be great for office environments, malls, and the like!