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Phil commented on Hand pumps with built-in filters

Love this idea, especially the revenue model!  Even though this idea is so much simpler and more practical than many here, I think it's worthwhile to think through the maintenance.  Who is the best person in the village to change out filters on schedule, ensure it is working well, etc?   How do we compensate them?  How can we make sure advertisers will go for this?  It seems businesses can be loathe to target poor people as customers until someone else shows them it's profitable.  I am thinking about Magic Jackson early challenges in particular, getting investors for inner city cinemas.  Are you thinking the likes of Coca-Cola and Cell Phone companies? Can local businesses afford this spot?

Great concept! This idea makes the most sense considering the research finding on habits... ie don't expect people to pull out smartphones, consider rational arguments, or spend cognitive effort for each piece of refuse. On the other hand, choosing and putting stickers on your bins are simple acts of affirmation and commitment to recycling.

I see people struggle with recycling everyday as an Airbnb host. My guests come from all over the world. Most want to be "good guests" when they see my bins, so they attempt to sort their refuse. But they just don't get what goes where. They are on vacation and don't want to think! The local trash company does provide stickers, but those are confusing. I created my own "simpler" labels, but they are not graphic and is challenging to non-English speakers. On top of that, the local recycling program has evolved over time. I'm not even sure where things go half the time!

I also like a previous commenter's crowdsourced website idea. Designs can be refined and tracked over time for performance. Many trash companies face recycling mandates and may pay for this effort, just as utilities pay for energy efficiency. As designs get better and better, friends who visit will notice, get their own, and recycle too.