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Angela commented on Kinderpreneur Launchbox

Hey Dave, sorry it's been ages since I last commented!! Like Meena, I'm blown away by the visually arresting pitch. I also appreciate how you snuck in the other idea (book of lifelong learning) hehe #crossmarketing, and had no idea that you now have a company name (Nexta) and website for this initiative!! Fantastic progress. :)

Moving forward, I'm sure I'm out of the loop by now so would you mind catching me up on what still needs tweaking / doing? I'm really keen to launch a prototype where I am (Bangkok) or where I'm from (Manila) and so am seriously considering using the same entrep-focused designs but with low-income formats (notebooks, erasers) just in case the target market there doesn't spend on lunch boxes!

Also, if it's more convenient to chat / develop these ideas off the platform - just so that when we post here it's closer to the finished concept - let me know where I can reach you. :) Ciao


Angela commented on The Social Getwork

Hi Priyanka! I'm not technically on your team, but thought to reply anyway hehe forgive me ;) re prototyping / implementation: could you use a modified version of Sergio's existing app? Not sure how his past experiment actually works. Else, you could start with a small sample of job opportunities with two or three attributes (e.g. experience level, matching interests, skills required), name the attribute values that match each job opportunity (i.e. assign "entry level" + "social media" + "community management" etc to the job opportunity "social media marketing associate"), then have your test users play a game / answer a set of questions that determines what their attribute values are (e.g. are they experienced workers or entry level, do they like / dislike social media, are they extroverted and therefore more likely to excel at community management). It's "programmable" in analog :D but of course a digital prototype would be way cooler.

In terms of adding to the idea: I'm concerned that interests aren't enough! Ideal jobs are where Passion meets our Strengths meets Market Value (or available jobs, or what companies are willing to pay for). So far the Social Getwork matches Passion with Market Value, but Strengths don't come into play! If the app could analyze people's interests (covering the Passion bit) but also offer the opportunity to take a StrengthsFinder test (covering the Strengths bit) then I think companies would be more interested to participate. Especially because while they do want their people to like their jobs, skills / strengths are more important to them. Just a thought! :)


Angela commented on Mentor-Link: Connecting You to Your Future

Nice! Loads of mentorship programs exist in the world, so I think the challenge lies in (1) making them more effective and (2) scaling them / replicating them into more plentiful but smaller units.

Check out for more inspiration!