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Hi Jean Pierre! Inspiring to read your case. Be strong there.

Also, the idea of putting people together, standing as equals, doing the same activities in a way that no one is feeling to be "helped" is a powerful methodology for people to mingle, connect and learn with each other. We use same strategy with success. However for this to happen with the results you want the methodology is fundamental. So learn as you go to build the right methodology around those activities to make sure you are truly connecting people and breaking barriers.

Best of luck!


Hugo commented on SPEAK

Hi Joséphine Goube ! Thank you for your comment! Sure, we can jump on a call one of these days to sync and see how can we do that.

For founders we have a bit of info about the process here - -. We create interest in events about social entrepreneurship, migrations, diversity. We also ask help of networks like Ashoka and capacity building programs that work with newcomers to share the opportunity when they believe that it makes sense. But the truth is that we have been growing organically, almost all the founders we have at the moment got to know SPEAK because they participated in it or someone they know did and referred the opportunity. The recruitment actually starts with a "show of interest" on a specific web page. Then we follow a recruitment process where we basically try to set expectations clear, explain the project, clarify all questions and along the way we try to assess things like commitment level of the candidate and motivation.

If we close the partnership with the team or individual to take SPEAK to their city, then the first year is actually a "candidate period" where the team follows a training and needs to show some ability to make things happen. We are also learning as we go and improving the process. We are trying to understand the right target, better ways to support the founders, how we can deliver 10 times more value than they are expecting in order to enable them doing a great job in their cities and truly helping people have better lives. In the end it is about that.

Very happy to share our learnings and challenges with you.

Talk soon!


Hugo commented on SPEAK

Thank you Johannes Cornelis van Nieuwkerk for connecting with us. Your project makes sense in Portugal as well. We know organizations here that I believe would be most probably interested in working with you. Will send you more info as agreed.