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Thanks Mithun! Please share any further thoughts on how we can take this idea forward especially in India, as well as any suggestions that would build on the idea further.

Thanks for sharing Karolle. I've heard of these performances in Bandra, and I think a theatre group that branched off from Arvind Gaur's team in Delhi organize them. Arvind Gaur and his group did a series of street plays in Delhi on various issues , one of which was violence against girls and women. Vishal, he might be a good person to get in touch with for us to move further on the idea. Check out the review here -


Deepti commented on Play to defeat danger

Hi Bidisha - this is a fantastic idea, sports is a powerful tool to use for positive impact. It made me think of Ashok Rathod, a boy from one of Mumbai's slums who today runs the Oscar Foundation. The foundation provides boys and girls from low income communities a safe zone to play sports, and training that teaches them the importance of education and helping them pick up important life skills. It has helped thousands of Mumbai's children to give up dangerous habits of drug and alcohol abuse, and helped improve respect and safety in communities.

You can watch his TED talk here -

This is the website -

Happy watching!