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25% of time marrow be may derived. I think it depends on what the physician says is best for the patient. or this was what written on Be the Match and various other websites. Also, the doctor I consulted for my cousin's case said stem cells is done 75% and marrow is 25. However, if the physician says Marrow drive is absolutely necessary then this process is done. What folks need to know is, process itself won't hurt because they will be put under sedation since it's surgical procedure. Risks after the process is always possibility with stem cells as well as marrow donation.

I think the simple fact that you can actually save a life literally should be a big factor for people to get encouraged to registered and donate. Process itself isn't painful because you get put under Anesthesia, but people may feel pain in their hips or back or head or something after the process for few days or weeks. Since marrow donation is surgical procedure, there is bound to be some risks. Stem Cell is non surgical but also has some risks like when we draw blood we feel headaches or bruises. It sounds minimal compared to what people go through when they have cancer. Even the transplant may bring complications and may not be successful, but that's often the only option. I feel like we oughta put our comfort aside, and think about how serious and important this really is to someone. It's life saving and their only option. But people really oughta talk about this more and make sure folks understand the process, and don't have misconceptions.

I fully agree with what you said Raahul. That's one of the biggest challenge among the South Asian Donors. Many people do not follow through. They decline or move away and do not update their info. This is so unethical and simple inhumane because there are many lives that depend on those donors. People are in death bed, and their only string of hope is a donor that will match and save their lives. I tell people don't register if you can't commit to it fully. It's not fair to give false hopes to these folks.