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Adrian commented on Recycling priorities in cities where garbage is burnt.

Hi Sabrina,

Thank you for your feedback.

In German you'd say "the sword has two sides" you can cut yourself on both. Burning garbage is not necessarily unfriendlier than some recycling concepts, but that is not the topic at hand.

What I was trying to say, is that if you live in a city, where garbage is burnt, you have different priorities than in other cities. Sure, from a political perspective you can try to change laws, but as an individual you can only make an immediate impact by adapting to the scenario at hand.

Does that make sense to you? Do you think I should rephrase some things or adapt the content above?


PS. Here is an article in German, that supports your opinion to some degree. Germany burning garbage has created an economic side-effect, and become too profitable in comparison to recycling.


Adrian commented on Our Four barriers to recycling at home

One step ahead of point one is the PURCHASING DECISION which compliments your list.


Adrian commented on When labels don't work...

Interesting point. Here are some of my thoughts on this topic.

There are two perspectives to see the labelling from.
1) On the one hand it is on products, to hint on whether or not and how to recycle them.
2) On the other the recycling bins have labelling to show what goes in them.

Labelling on products is mostly to specify which material the object is made out of. While it is easy to distinguish aluminium from glas, distinguishing one type of plastic from an other can be difficult.

Interestingly regarding bottles, the type of plastic used relies on whether the content has gas or not. Drinks with gas (eg. Coke) need to be in PET bottles, drinks without gas (water) can be kept in PP bottles. If a regular person were to sort out plastic bottles, having categories such as "gas" or "no gas" may easier to relate to than technical terminology.

Labelling on recycling bins most likely takes place to ensure recyclability.
For instance thermoset plastics cannot be recycled. This will always be noted on a recycling bin for plastics, although it is very unlikely that a such material will end up there. The reason is that packaging is not made from such materials.