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Gi commented on WATCH-GIRL

Your idea is very interesting.

Here I live in Brazil, and I believe your idea would be very useful here.

Some time ago, I attended an event where we had to develop solutions thinking about women. My group chose feminicide and I thought of a solution that would connect women in distress to law enforcement and people in their constituency. In our case, we think of using our own cell phone, since a wearable one would be a high cost for many victims (most come from the poorer regions).

Thinking on a global level, you could adapt your idea to the local conditions, considering that there are localities that many people do not even have a pair of shoes; but it is possible that the tenocology can be adapted in an accessory of common use.

Perhaps it would be interesting to take advantage of what people already have, adapting an accessory to technology.

Perhaps a device in a handkerchief(scarves) or pashmina, considering that the use of the pashmina by girls and adolescents is common, even in very poor countries and regions.

Perhaps this device was the least feasible in order to be adapted to any object that the woman may choose to use, such as a ring, piercing or earring, hair ornament or even a watch.

As if it were an adaptable rfID tag (or other technology it can be glued) to any object or ornament.

I wish sucess! :)

I loved the idea! These panels can fit together and, as they fit together, create different scenarios, allowing integration between children from different countries. It would be like learning that by putting together distinct parts, they create wonderful experiences. To teach that we human beings complete ourselves in the measure of our differences. All this, for the simple fact of playing together and building something, after the traumatic experience of the destruction, that they left behind.


Gi commented on Floating Grind Sieve (FGS)

Hello! I do not know if you have tried this, but your idea has a great potential, from the governmental point of view, especially in developing countries, signatories to treaties that aim to reduce the environmental impact of human actions.

What is the applicability? For private companies that generate solid waste and need to comply with the laws of a country.

A local example is a few companies in Brazil (it is a huge market that has not been explored) that have arisen with the emergence of Law No. 12,305 / 10, which establishes the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS), which is very current and contains important instruments to allow the necessary progress to the Country in facing the main environmental, social and economic problems resulting from the inadequate management of solid waste. I hope it helps.