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Imran commented on Gratitude Interlude

Hey Kenny Tran,

I think this is a great idea with a lot of potential. It would be great to have different departments to take lead and show gratitude to others. This is a good way to create transparency and networking throughout the organization. Thanks for sharing!


Imran commented on Socializing with Coworkers

Hello Kevin,

I think socializing with co-workers is a very important. in my opinion, it is very crucial to work in an environment that you fit in. You see your co-workers everyday and if you do not like them, it will not be a good experience. Thus, I believe that connecting with co-workers help build a good relationship and make the work environment more friendly. A great way to do this is by having happy hours or social events after work. This will allow employees to wind down and network with others.


Imran commented on Food Friday

Hello Brynn,

Personally, whenever I get food, I feel happy and grateful. Thus, I think this is a fantastic idea as food always brings people together. Having a potluck allows people to share a unique or special dish with others. I would feel appreciated when someone takes time out of there to make me food especially if it is delicious. Another good alternative to Food Friday would be to possibly take the team out to lunch instead. It would be good time for the workers to un-wind and just have non-work related conversations. Overall, food is a great way to showcase gratitude.